What To Bring


Temperatures generally range from the low 70s up to the mid-90s (20° to 35°C).


  •     Dress is informal; please feel free to wear what you are most comfortable in.
  •     Long pants should be worn out on the flats for sun and insect protection
  •     Long-sleeved fishing shirts for sun and insect protection
  •     Fleece pullover or jacket for cool mornings and evenings and running in the boat
  •     Casual clothing for dinner, shorts are fine
  •     Shoes: rubber-soled, non-slip boat shoes, canvas sneakers or sandals and saltwater wading sandals or boots
  •     Fishing hat with a long front visor with dark under bill (enhances polarizing qualities of sunglasses) and best if it shades face, neck and ears
  •     Sunscreen: It is very important that waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 30 be applied to every square inch of exposed skin including your lips. The sun will reflect off the water and can burn your face even if you wear a wide-brimmed hat.
  •     Polarized sunglasses: It is essential to have a high quality pair of Polarized sunglasses worn with a retainer. Brown is the best all purpose lens colour. Amber is good for low light days. Avoid grey and green.
  •     Waterproof jacket is essential for running in the boat and the occasional rain.

Fishing Accessories

  •     Clippers for cutting monofilament
  •     Hook sharpener
  •     Pocketknife
  •     Fly-line dressing
  •     Waist pack (if you are wading)
  •     Nail knot tool
  •     Neoprene reel covers
  •     Waterproof boat bag

Miscellaneous Items

  •     Camera/lens/flash/polarizing filter, lens tissue/cleaner; extra batteries
  •     Swim suit
  •     Snorkel, mask, and fins
  •     Medications you may require — pack in your carry-on luggage

Our Fly Shop: We usually stock the following items:

  •     Mangrove Cay Club Logo Baseball style caps
  •     Mangrove Cay Club Logo fishing shirts
  •     Mangrove Cay Club Logo tee shirts
  •     logo Buff sun protection headwear
  •     Sun screen and lip balm
  •     Polarized sun glasses
  •     Fly lines, leaders and tippet, barracuda tube lures
  •     Nippers
  •     Flies: You can purchase most of the flies you will need in our shop. Mangrove Cay Club carries flies in our most often used patterns and sizes. Some patterns have been designed by our guides and are custom tied for us. We like variations of Charlies and Gotchas including red heads and gold tails. We almost always fish with bead chain eyes but as that you bring a few clousers with lead eyes.

The following items are in the rooms and it is unnecessary to bring these:

  •     Hair dryer
  •     Bath soap, hand soap and body wash
  •     Shampoo and conditioner
  •     Deep Woods Off spray
  •     Flashlight
  •     Alarm clock
  •     Small towels to take in the boat